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Picker Picker is the first software in making a bookmark linked to the exact point
Size: 11600K
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free make bookmark free add-on Dynamically linked library  
Name Picker Helps you randomly choose students to call on
Size: 1 KB
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pick picker random picker Name Picker Pick Student Randomly  
Music Picker A simple tool for selecting music files, creating playlists and listening to the tracks
Size: 427479
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Playlist Creator Playlist music track album Library  
Colour Picker A simple picker you can use to select the desired colors
Size: 358 KB
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sort Lister chooser pick color picker color picker  
Font Picker Lists all the available fonts from your system
Size: 103 KB
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viewer font Lister finding picker Date Picker Preview  
Lunch Picker Lunch Picker is designed to save you or your work staff the endless discussions over where to eat lunch. Lunch Picker randomly selects a restaurant for you from multiple restaurants that you enter.
Size: 461.7K
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restaurant lunch cordys lunch naked lunch screensaver  

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ColorCop Maxthon add-on that will add a multi-purpose color picker for web designers and programmers to the browser
Size: 48 KB
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analyzer Analyze pick detect color picker maxthon add-on  
II_ColorPicker With II_ColorPicker application you will be able to get color information and coordinates of every screen pixel
Size: 1.5 MB
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pick color picker color picker color info color coordinate  
GZ Picker Take a screen shot of your desktop and then help you to pick individual colours from the image
Size: 171 KB
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capture capture screen color picker color picker  
JColorPicker Easily capture colors from your desktop
Size: 117 KB
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capture grabber color picker picker Color Grabber  
DCPicker A simple color picking utility
Size: 701 KB
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pick color picker color picker spot picking color chooser  
Haydar Color Cop A color picker software to help you with your work.
Size: 5.1 MB
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pick color picker color picker pick color  

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ST ColorPicker Did you ever try using a color picker on a high resolution monitor? It's a tough task. To sovle the problem, this color picker has an embeded magnifier inside. You will be able to efficiently pick col...
Size: 391 KB
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grabber color picker color picker Color Grabber  
Power Picker Power picker is designed as a full-featured, interactive color picker right inside the After Effects interface. Never again will you have to bounce back and forth between the Apple Color Picker and yo...
Size: 468 KB
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Character Picker color picker color picker Date Picker  
Jackson HTML Color Picker HTML Color picker is a free color picker tool HTML Color Picker is a free color picker tool which is very easy to use. Finding the right color can really be a hassle. But not anymore! Once you\'ve ins...
Size: 1.42 MB
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Character Picker color picker picker Date Picker  
Time Picker Time picker is a javascript for displaying and selecting times with a digital clock. Just place the timepicker code into your web folder and include the javascript time picker code in your page. Creat...
Size: -
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Password Picker Converter Password picker Converter is a compact application that will help you convert your password database. It is useful for the users of Password Picker that want to migrate from version 0.3 to 0.4. The co...
Size: 24 KB
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Converter convert password Date Picker database converter  
Jumpeye Color Picker Pro The Color picker Pro V3 is more than a flash color picker; it is a collection of color pickers, a component that allows you to create almost any possible flash color picker, easy, advanced or very adv...
Size: 720 MB
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flash Component Character Picker color picker color picker